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Be a Pokémon!

Countdown to Semi Finals end

Countdown ended
Thursday, April 10th @ 2:59pm

Semi Finals over!
Please be patient while waiting for the results. :la:

[Join Requests are OPEN]

Free Spots:

Gale Spring: 13 || Noir Vale: 0 || Scorched Mountain: 0

update: April 15th

Gijinka of the Week

More info here

Suijin Kozo App by brown-tiger15 Pokimono Secret Santa - Sabishiita by brown-tiger15
Kozo the Milotic © brown-tiger15

PM: Kobayashi App by myaku12 PM: Hotaka Sprite by myaku12
Kobayashi the Whimsicott © myaku12

Youko the Absol by b0409d Pokimono Halloween Contest: Youko by b0409d
Youko the Absol © b0409d


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heads up since im leaving the group ;v; its been fun but im pulling out from most of the groups i am in rn due to upcoming school exams and other stuff i dont want to go into details about
My application: merpandderpcomics.deviantart.c…
*didnt know where eles to post the comment :shrug: or :dunno: 
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Im a bit confused...this seems awsome an all but can someone tell me in a..."shorter" version..
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Umm are written entry sheets allowed?
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Hidden by Owner
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